5 Summer Trends

OH's 5 Trends For Summer

Boxy Shirts

The boxy fit has always been trending for a while in tees and hoodies, but slowly we are seeing more and more designers make boxy shirts. These are great for the summer if you do not want to be stuck wearing a t-shirt every day. Especially in hotter areas, short sleeved ones are a perfect way to stay cool. 

OH Electrostatic Shirt - OH2xOH Double Layered Short Sleeve Shirt - OH2x


Baggy Bottoms

For those who do not like shorts, but the heat is becoming unbearable for skinny denim or tight trousers, baggy pants are the solution. They give enough room for your legs to breathe and help you look stylish in long pants. If you like stacking on your shoes you can go for longer ones, but if you don’t there are always cropped ones available!

OH Drape Bootcut Trousers - OH2xOH Essential Vintage Bootcut Jeans - OH2xOH Essential Wide Cropped Trousers - OH2x



The most popular and rising color this season is lime green by far. It adds an excellent layer of contrast and gives a vibrant look for the summer. Lime, when dressed properly can really help an outfit pop, whether its a tee, shorts or even a bag.  

OH Acid Center Split Tee - OH2xOH Street Art Tee - OH2xOH Water Conservation Tee - OH2x


Utility Wear

Utility has been growing every since 2019 and it has only gotten more popular this season as more summer clothing has adopted the look. Ranging cargo shorts to tees with utility accents. This add style as well as additional practicality to your outfit.

OH Ultility Display Shorts - OH2xOH Utility Clip Belt - OH2xOH Cargo Pocket Tee - OH2x


Tie-Dye Tees 

This trend may not be for everyone and takes some styling to pull off. However, when done write tie-dye gives a fresh look and makes a great statement piece. If you want something more simple there are basic stone washes with only one color, but for a more flamboyant look, you can go for a more colorful one.

OH Paradiso Tee - OH2xOH Tie Dye Band Tee - OH2x

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