Ambassador Program - Earn Commission $


  • Instagram: 5000 followers & 1k like per post 
  • YouTube: 1000 subscribers & 10,000 views per video
  • TikTok: 20,000 followers & 50,000 views per video

Please note: You may not be approved even if you fit the requirements and we do not paid promotions on the first deal.


  1. Email us your application to (put in the subject line VWA Ambassador) & link all your social media channels that are approved
  2. Go through the link below and register
  3. After approval, we will send you a CA$100 Gift Card in exchange for at least one feed post featuring the products you ordered. (The amount can be negotiated depending on your profile size!
  4. Set up your ambassador dashboard and get your unique discount code (we will send you the link). This is how we will track who you refer and how much they get paid!
  5. After the first promotion goes well you can email us again and request more clothing ☺

Promotional Guide

We generally give creative freedom at OH Garments as you know your audience best. We do ask you use the platform you have the most engage on whether that be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube:

Our suggestions:

  • Shopping Hauls / Styling Videos including your link and coupon code AND putting our name in the title of the video (this will retain ALOT of long term commission as your video will rank on google)
  • Links in your social media bio with your discount code
  • Mentioning your link and coupon code: at the beginning of YouTube videos, captions of social media posts, pinned comments
  • Tagging us in your posts with pictures and a call to action stating your link and coupon code in the bio


General Program Outline

  1. You'll be issued a unique referral link and code (not for personal use)
  2. You'll promote our store/products by sharing either your code or link across your social network.
  3. As an ambassador we will reward you with 10% commission for every fulfilled referral order that you create. We will also give your audience a 15% discount when they use your code.
  4. If you are generating over 10+ sales in a month. Please contact collabs@ohgarments and we will provide a special arrangement for you depending on your situation.
  5. We may use your content created for any promotional purposes
  6. Commission can only be collected on orders that are fulfilled
  7. You may NOT use your own code to purchase and get commission
  8. If for any reason we believe you are violating or abusing the system we reserve the right to terminate your account
  9. Commission is paid out upon request via PayPal or store credit and the amount can be seen your dashboard through the VWA app. (Please note there is a 30 day holding period with orders and between payout invtervals)

More information commissions and how to get started available: 

More information on policies of content: