Top 6 Spring Essential Styles


Boxy Sweaters 

 OH V Neck Faded Leader SweaterOH Daisy Sweater

The tight and unbreathable sweaters should be left behind in Winter. In spring it’s all about loose, comfort and breathability. For spring you want something which won’t make you feel too hot or too cold. At OH2x we are experts in crafting boxy comfort pieces and can promise you will find a sweater that is to your liking. 

Oversized Shirts 


There are those days in Spring where it's too hot for sweaters, but a bit cold for just a tee. This is the perfect time for an oversized shirt. The formal look has slowly become a casual look in streetwear, especially because the shirt is oversized. Boxy shirts have become a staple in streetwear as of now since it provides flexibility with a trendy look.

Light Puffers

OH Essential Puffer #2OH Bandanna Patches Puffer

The puffer was an important staple for winter months and it is here to stay for spring. We redesigned our infamous essential puffer into a lighter version with a less glossy finish. But if you are looking for something to spice up your wardrobe, we have got you covered as well with our wide selection of puffer jackets. 


 OH Essential Daisy Shirt

What is Spring without the blossoming of flowers? It would only make sense if floral was a staple to the Spring season. We have already added a variety of floral pieces and will continue to do so as the season progresses. As floral shirts will continue to be a staple even in the summer.

Beige Tones

 OH Essential Bag & Puffer VestOH Vintage Knit Cardigan - OH2x

Beige tonal is arguably the most aesthetic look for tonal. The stacking of beige works every season, but especially in spring because the lighter tones act as a perfect complement to the environment's colors. Our collection wide range of beige pieces will definitely have something to suit your current wardrobe.

Leather Shoes 

OH Chain Style Loafers

Sneakers have generally dominated the streetwear scene for the past year. I'm sure you own at least a few pairs of sneakers, but leather shoes? Maybe not. Leather shoes have always been a timeless staple, but recently they have been popping off on almost every fashion runway this season from Alyx to Dior. That’s why OH2x has introduced a small selection of affordable faux leather shoes ranging from dress shoes to boots. 

Additionals: Boxy Tees, Denim Shorts and Bucket Hats. These pieces are also excellent choices for spring as well as going into summer.